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CLAN-CENTRAL - Your #1 resource for information about multiplayer-clans

last updated on 06-08-2000


What is this site's intention?
CLAN-CENTRAL.ORG was founded in order to give fans of multiplayer-gaming a common source of information making it easier for the individual player to find information about clans, leagues and events concerning his/her favourite game.

Who's behind CLAN-CENTRAL.ORG?
*BOP*Matt, Squadleader of the Birds of Prey, founded CLAN-CENTRAL in summer 2000.
Of course, one person can't run this site alone. Each game featured here has its own administrator to gurantee all sections are updated regularly. If you need to contact one of them directly for any reason simply send email to (e.g.: You will find these information in the respective sections too.

Well, who's to blame then?
If you should feel offended in some way or have some legal remarks you should always try to address the responsible administrator directly. If that is not possible or your request is concerning the whole site contact *BOP*Matt (Matthias Fleischer, Germany) at In either case your email will be directed/forwarded to the appropriate person.
All general requests not concerning any of the above matters should be send to
However, please note that we're not responsible for the content of any external links such as clan-websites (check our site-policy for more information).

Any last words?
We hope multiplayer-fans throughout all the different games and countries will accept this site and participate.
Enjoy your stay,